Electric Love

Discover Deep, Real, Sustainable Electric Love & Connection.

Electric Love

Discover Deep, Real, Sustainable Electric Love & Connection.

People are hard-wired for intimacy and connection, but so many couples feel disconnected, lost, bored, or numb.

Is this you?

  • What if your relationship could vibrate higher?
  • What if you could truly feel devoted to your partner and knew without a shadow of a doubt that your partner was equally devoted to you?
  • What if your relationship had the spark of pleasure, joy, and connection all the time?
  • What if your sex life was full of juicy arousal, electricity, and desire?
  • What if you had the kind of clear skillful communication that resonated for you both?
  • What if you could have a total shift in your love life energetics?

Guess what?

I have this. I really, truly, and deeply have this partnership with my beloved. It is my divine mission to share with all who feel called to work with me the practices, tools, and technologies I have spent over a decade cultivating, perfecting, and alchemizing.

I welcome you to experience ELECTRIC LOVE.

A six-week online master course for monogamous couples who desire a healthy, turned-on relationship.

Testimonials from clients that have experienced Electric Love:

“I’m grateful to have a new enlivening practice to support the closeness I feel with my husband. Having your support and guidance through the entire process was amazing!” 

Wendy C.
San Diego

“Valarie is an energetic ball of fire. Everyone she touches is transformed and enlightened. I’ve been able to achieve greater intimacy and have an appreciation for my partner because of this.”

Harry O.
Rancho Mirage

“Valarie is a grounded and powerful intuitive. She taught my wife and I practices that helped us deeply connect and clearly communicate. Highly recommended.”

Gray O.

“As a mother, it’s often hard to drop into my own body and feel excited to be intimate with my partner. In this practice, it’s a container that allows me to drop fully into myself with permission so that I can transition from putting my child to bed and knowing that I will have a practice that is only meant for me to feel my body and without fail, drops me into a feeling place that makes me long to be with my partner. I have a newfound power to ask for what I want from people, myself, my life. My cheeks are rosy and my whole essence is alive and awake. People notice this and respond to it by feeling more alive and awake. Random unexplainable pains around my heart and arms which test results revealed were nothing, disappeared. Learning from Valarie has changed my life exponentially. She gave me full permission to be myself and explore new territory. She calls me out on the places I’m being weak and cares for my heart in a way that very few do.”

Rachel R.

What is Electric Love?

  • A portal to activate that deep and divine spark in your relationship
  • Electrifying Partnered Wellness Practice ( The foundational piece of deepening connection and relationship transformation)
  • Live guided sessions in a container to support your practice
  • High Sensation Communication games to fuel your arousal
  • Libido-full tips & tricks
  • Special intimate lubricant to make practice easy, smooth & pleasurable
  • Pantry makeover for enhanced vitality & balanced hormones
  • A private delicious members only Facebook group for community vibe and inspiration
  • Live Q and A and transmissions
  • Coaching, support, and encouragement
  • Magic and Love
  • Founding members become beta testers for life and get every online program I ever create

A bit more about me and my background:

I am an Integrative Wellness Specialist, Holistic Intimacy Coach and Functional Nutrition Educator. Having studied with various masters throughout my journey, I am truly committed to these modalities. I’ve distilled what has been taught to me through developing my own unique and synergistic approach to addressing common blocks and patterns in long-term, monogamous partnerships. I believe that every couple deserves turned-on, joyful, fulfilled love lives, where they glow with optimal health, wellness, and energy. If you have any questions or would like to discuss my work or offerings further, please feel free to reach out.

In Service and Pleasure,


You can say “I love and care about you and want to share this thing I heard about because I feel like it would benefit us both and I want to have a relationship with you that fills us with joy, pleasure, and fulfillment.

Great! You don’t need it and if you want a new holistic and deeply connecting practice that is easy and will insulate your electricity, you may want to add it to your toolbox of practices.

  • Weekly 1 hour or less lessons
  • Weekly optional 1 hour live online communication games
  • Weekly guided practices in a safe container led by me
  • Bonus lessons on how to accentuate your libido & arousal
  • You will have lifelong practices that increase the health of the terrain of your relationship for life

Possibly. But if you haven’t done it by now, chances are you’ll never get around to it (#truthbomb). Not because you don’t have the skills or the smarts, but because it would take you a lot of time to research and integrate on your own.

Yes! All the lessons will be accessible from an online platform. Facebook is just for added community.

The group is private. You do not have to post, although you can learn from others experiences, as well as connect with other like-minded awesome couples who care about having a holistically healthy relationship. Which is pretty darn inspiring if you ask me.

Once you enroll in the course your enrollment is final. I fully commit to you and I ask that you bring that same level of commitment here. No cancellations, no refunds. Please take some time to review the course info and make sure you resonate before you enroll.

If you enroll but then decide you don’t want to do the course, you can give your spot to a friend, like a gift. That lucky couple will be so excited! Simply email valarie@valariegrossman.com and let us know who’s going to take the course in your place and we will transfer the enrollment. This option is available in the first week ONLY.

Electric Love is for couples who are serious about deepening their connection & spark.

Shoot me an email at valarie@valariegrossman.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP!


(YESSSS, Valarie, we’re in!) Click the link to sign up with my perfectly priced upfront payment, or two part payment plan option.

Electric Love is currently closed for enrollment.